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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Greetings Sentient Being

Hello Everyone,

It has been several years since I posted any of my work. But I am backkkkkk...the following is a short story I read aloud at my church. Enjoy!

Greetings Sentient Being,

I am your friendly holographic travel assistant and I see that you have chosen to visit the 3rd planet, of the solar system, in the Milky Way. Please note that Earth has been rated a "four" out of a possible ten, on the Planetary Civilization Level Schemata. As such, all sentient beings should beware of the following travel advisories:

1. Set your camouflage to blonde hair, blue eyes, male gender, 6ft tall, not to exceed 225 pounds (height and weight should always be proportionate if you choose another height) . Earthers are drawn to and impressed by what is considered "Western" physical beauty. Although the race has a myriad of skin colors, "white" seems to be the dominate and "white people" seem to be born with entitlements. They are not really white, the color is closer to pale pink or beige. Beings of darker hue, are viewed with suspicion and as inferior. Females are subject to a second class level (overtly or covertly) irregardless of skin color. Neuters are unknown. Hermaphrodites are regarded as suffering from a genetic mutation needing correction. Please remember to choose a gender. No switching genders, while on the planet either!

2. Be sure to visit your local Health & Welfare Division - Earth medicine is unevenly applied. One must have "health insurance" or be very wealthy. The H&W will provide you with a basic health kit, that will include, a holographic quantum self-surgery suite, a diagnoser and a synthesizer (to create any medicine your specific species requires). If you forgo the health kit, we will be happy to provide you with suitable Earth currency. At favorable rates.

3. Carry food supplements. Earth food is endemic with dangerous additives, diseases and while most Galactic species can tolerate their foods and the water, it is not recommended. However, if you choose to immerse yourself in the whole human culture, we encourage one to obtain a full body purge upon return to your home base. Both Mentally AND Physically.

4. Do not discuss religion. What is religion? The Xeno Department is still reviewing 11000 earth years of their history. We are unsure how Earthers differentiate between a God, god, gods, Santa Clause, tooth fairies, demons, the devil, saints, and other figures mentioned in their writings. It is HIGHLY dangerous to discuss the above with Earthers. They have conducted centuries of wars, disputing these figures and beliefs.

5. Climate - The air is tainted and carcinogenic. Earth is undergoing climatic change due to the pollution. Several species have died-out and others are in danger, as well. Man will be on the extinct list, in about a galactic day. Set your time pieces accordingly. Water also has dangerous pollutants. Please adjust your bio suits accordingly.

6. Be careful not to be caught speaking with dolphins, elephants and octopi/squid. Despite numerous human studies detailing that these sentients are indeed intelligent, grieve and have a language of their own, they are considered food. YES, you heard me correctly. FOOD! And too many galactic citizens look very similar to these sentients. I would HATE to have the Galactic Fleet come rescue you. Many Earthers would drop dead from shock and their beliefs in God, god, gods etc or that they were made to rule the universe would not survive….although that might not be a bad thing….hmmmm….

In the advent of an unanticipated EE (Extinction Event) i.e. asteroid strike, nuclear war - and yes, the fools natives still conduct war, you will be notified via your QED (Quantum Electronic Device)

Have a Great Trip!

HLA Ac*Th*Pa*Np*Pu
Your Friendly Holographic Travel Assistant


My Dear Vicky -

I received your request for a refund but...ummmm, unfortunately, due to the impending Earth EE, we are unable to refund CASH but are willing to CREDIT your account towards another trip. Perhaps Serpens Caput? It is a lovely ring galaxy....

To: Friendly Holographic Travel Assistant

Yes, dear HLA, as long as Serpens Caputa ranks at least an eight on the PCLS (Planetary Civilization Level Schemata) and isn't frequented by those backward and barbaric earthlings (long overdue for an EE, IMO).

Will you be here when I get back? I sense in you a deep intellect and sharp wit that is rare in the universe. I look forward to many more conversations.

My Dear Sentient Being Vicky, Your font is lovely and graceful, if I dare say, you are.

Unfortunately, Earth is indeed over-due to an EE. Many of the natives believe that they are favored by their God, god, or gods and that EE only affected only dinosaurs (an Earth species that suffered an EE). The Xeno Department remains bewildered by this culture..

And yes, I will be here when you return. One can tell that you are clearly a being of grace and discernment. and I am enjoying our interactions. Do you ever "do" virtual?

To: Vicky Gallardo -

My Dear Sentient Being, my Esteemed Vicky,

I neglected to tell you that Sepens Caputa ranks very highly, very highly indeed. They are a "9" on the (Planetary Civilization Level Schemata). Sepens Caputa ranks very highly, very highly indeed.

In fact, I believe that I can offer you a transportation vehicle, at no cost, as you site-see at any location of your choice. In addition, Sepens Caputa offers fine dining, great entertainment and as you probably know, they have the muli-verse's oldest and largest library attached to the Sepens Caputa University. I could tell you some tales about me and the University President back in my heyday when I "went" corporeal for at another PRIVATE time....ahem. In any case,, please feel free to share our program with friends and family.

Many Regards,
HLA Ac*Th*Pa*Np*Pu


Dear Holographic Travel Assistant (may I call you Holly?),

This is Vicky, and I am back from my travels. Unfortunately, dear Holly, I did not heed your wise advice to change my destination to Sapiens Caputa. Curiosity got the best of me and I traveled to Earth instead. Although you gave a clear travel advisory, I found things on Earth even dirtier than you describe.

I disguised myself, as advised, as the lighter-skinned species. However I was not careful about the gender, and ended up camouflaged as a middle-aged female and was subjected to second-class status, much to my distress. I also had a hard time with the weight/height proportion, and failed to fit the earth standards of physical beauty; a flawless standard as displayed by their media that none of the actual homo sapient sapiens meet. Indeed; most of the females of the species are absorbed with their physical appearance, and indulge in ritual starvation and mutilation of their bodies (shudder) to try to fit these impossible ideals. I will spare you the graphic details.

The medical system is even worse than you described, dear Holly. Even those privileged to have health insurance find themselves in plans that restrict the amount and types of treatments they are allowed to receive; those most severely ill often are denied medical procedures that can save or prolong their lives. And those without insurance simply die as they cannot afford to pauper their families with the cost of treatment. What is more shocking is how their elderly are treated. Most nearing the ends of their lives are sent to sad and lonely exiles once they become infirmed so as to not burden their families with their care; a truly heartbreaking and barbaric ritual.

And the food; where do I begin? Although there is substantial healthy sustenance on Earth, the poorer population eats mostly processed foodstuffs full of additives, yes, but also higher in fat and sugar as it is cheaper to eat this “junk” food than healthier alternatives. But that isn’t the worst of the food situation; in some of the poorer countries (their euphemism is “third world), entire peoples lack safe water to drink, and many starve to death, especially the very young.

Oh, and you are so right about the religions, Holly. Some of these highly-religious and foolish humans castigate entire segments of their own society; I believe they are called “gay” in the human vernacular. Wars decimate the economies of the richest societies and the so-called “Israeli-Palestinian” conflict has been ongoing since early in the 20th century. In fact, these humans are so backward they even refuse to acknowledge the wisdom and learning of the most brilliant minds of the scientific community. For decades scientists have been warning of the dire effects of carbon emissions that are now widely believed to be having direct impacts on climate.

Indeed, Holly, all of your warnings are true and how I wish that I had listened. Crime, racism, homelessness, violence mental illness, drug addiction, poverty and ignorance are rampant in human society and have never been adequately addressed despite the resources of the wealthiest 1%. I hope that the Xeno Department comes up with answers to help alleviate these problems. Yet, despite all of their faults, dear Holly, I find many of the humans to be intelligent, compassionate, and worthy of saving from the EE, and I find the planet itself to have areas of breathtaking beauty. Let me know what you advise on this matter and I will do what I can to help.

As always, dear Holly, I find your wisdom and advice invaluable. I look forward to more of our discussions.


My dear, dear Vicky. I am distressed! Deeply distressed over your visit to Earth. My quantum circuitry had to be reset after we received awful notifications from you and other visitors to Earth. I do hope that you availed yourself to the physical and mental purge, as advised in the travel advisory. If not, we would be happy to provide you with one at no cost. At any location, of your choosing!

After discussion with higher-ups, we have decided to quarantine Earth. All travel to that planet has been suspended and credits returned to any galactic visitors who have visited THAT planet. Additionally, we are offering a free month stay at ANY planet, in ANY universe at NO CHARGE. With a pass to any attractions, as well as a vehicle, to gad-about.

There are other planets in that solar system, where the planetary species have been very, very welcoming to visitors. Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn, have lovely, colorful skies and the various species love to have long philosophical debates with sentients. And their progeny is just delightful, the elders respected and revered. They have managed to keep a low profile, in an attempt to avoid socializing with Earthers. As a matter of fact, Earthers believe that they are their gods chosen people and disbelieve that the universe has other intelligent life, so it is not too difficult for these sentients to avoid notice.

I had to research your reference to "gay" and was FLOORED to read that Earthers discriminate against these sentients. FLOORED! Are Earthers not aware that sexual orientation is hard-wired in their DNA and that if a sentient wishes to change their orientation, they must undergo delicate neurological surgery. Surgery that Earthers are not technologically equipped to perform? Anyway, why oh why are Earthers concerned with what consenting sentients do? Is this discrimination related their god myths? (makes note to request this information from the Xeno Department)

During you visit, did you happen to observe how Earthers treat dolphins, squids and whales? The Xeno department has received reports that Earthers regard these sentients as FOOD. Just the thought of a species eating another intelligent species makes me extremely nauseous...and fills me with outrage!

My dear Vicky, unfortunately, the Xeno Department has a policy of non-interference. Of course you are aware that that meetings with beings of superior technology, invariably results in the non-technological species being subsumed? Although, it is my opinion that Earth could do with a little subsuming. They are simply barbaric. Barbaric, I say. However, my dear esteemed Vicky, we could present a plan to the Xeno Department, and have them make an exception, in regards with assistance?. Perhaps, we can manage to save them from themselves (and the other sentients - the whales, dolphins and squids)...I am not sure that I agree with your assessment that the homo sapient sapiens are worthy of saving but my being is filled with pity for those other sentients. You have to concede that humans are not doing a good job of sharing the planet with the dolphins, whales and squids. Or maintaining the planet either.

As always, my dear esteemed one, I look forward to communication from you. May I contact you on your QED (Quantum Electronic Device)?

With Deepest Regards,
Holly (Holographic Travel Assistant - Ac*Th*Pa*Np*Pu)

Dearest Holly,

I am most distressed to hear about the quarantine of Earth. In fact, that is what I wanted to speak to you about. I was rereading my travel agreement and noted a trivial item on page 1765, section 31 XD § 532. “Under no circumstances shall any life forms from Earth be taken off planet.” I hate to bring this to your attention in light of your recent quantum circuitry reset, but what are the penalties for violation of this regulation?

I am sure you will find this quite humorous, but there is a remote possibility that a paltry number of homo sapient sapiens, and other sentients such whales, squids, and dolphins stowed away on our returning craft. And the fleet we sent back after we returned. This likely has nothing to do with the impending EE, and I am sure we will all have a good laugh about this with the Xeno Department.

The connection on my QED is highly temperamental suddenly, and I may be out of range for a few days. But I will be keeping in touch. As always, my dearest Holly, I look forward to our many fascinating discussions.

Vicky (location in flux)

My dear, esteemed Vicky, did you say that some of the barbaric humans stowed away on your ship? And what fleet? (gulps)

I have no problem with the whales, dolphins and squids (and their cousins the octopi) stowing away but are you sure that you want the verminous humans littering the universe with their archaic beliefs and hatreds against other sentients? We do enforce stringent immigration...on the other appendage, regarding the particular section you have quoted, please be advised that on the next page (in very small quantum print) the Xeno Department allows exceptions to endangered sentients. So my dear, esteemed Vicky, you have nothing to worry about. But did you say "fleet"? (shakes her holographic cerebrum)

As always, Your Friend,

My dearest Holly,

I am so relieved to hear about the exception on page 1766. Having long followed your illustrious career, I was worried that my little indiscretion may have placed our relationship in jeopardy; a relationship I hold in great esteem. In fact, having remembered that you were the visionary force in the Xeno Department behind the development of the Intergalactic Refuge Center on Elli-s in the Virgo Super cluster, I immediately directed the fleet (yes, fleet) to proceed straight there after dropping off the whales, dolphins, squids, and octopi at a lovely aquatic world in the care of a gentle and fun-loving (and vegetarian) sentient population that will cherish and protect them. The humans, now on Ellis, are likely just coming out of stasis as we speak.

I know that you have likely received the human’s cerebral scans and will be going over them soon, but I’d like to give you some insight into this population based on my observations. The humans that we rescued were not the wealthiest 1%, nor the most attractive (in their warped sense of the word), nor those religious fanatics that we have had many philosophical conversations about. Instead, we rescued a highly diverse (although they all look alike to my triocular orbitals) group of humans; all skin colors, ages, genders, sexual orientations, capabilities, and sizes.

In fact, this group of ragtag humans was shunned; generally regarded as misfits by their own species, hence the added impetus to rescue them. And, Holly, they portray such a unique and puzzling range of traits. Individually they can be unpredictable, brilliant. courageous, volatile, rebellious, imaginative, reckless, compassionate, and creative.

And my dear Holly, a final caution before I leave the humans in your capable appendages. The fleet crew has reported observing many strange phenomena on the flight to Ellis; strange lights and hallucinations, the disappearance and reappearance of personal objects, and the malfunctioning of some of the monitoring equipment. The fleet’s medical officer speculates that stasis may have accelerated the evolution and psychic capabilities of the humans. He advises close observation of them on Ellis while a suitable planet is being sought for permanent colonization.

Finally, Holly, I would greatly appreciate if you would keep me apprised of your observations of the human refuges and any changes in their status. I have grown quite fond of this group despite their odd odor and lack of a prehensile tail.

Fond Regards,

My Dear Esteemed Vicky Gallardo (such an unusual name but quite enchanting)

Please forgive my delay in responding to your previous communiqué but I have been busy helping to resettle the sentients who stowed away on your fleet.

I have spent a considerable amount of time socializing with the humans, dolphins, whales and by the way, did you realize that several elephant herds also had left THAT planet. These beings are simply delightful! Delightful. The elephants are very protective of their young and elderly. The matriarchs also informed me of their mourning rituals which were touching and beautiful. I also spent time with the dolphins and whales and I was treated to a musical event. As you are most likely aware, the natives of Cluster are known throughout the universes for their lyrical sonatas and haunting arias. When paired with whale-song, many sentients in the audience became hypnotized by the music, beverages and recreational non-toxic drugs. A good time was had by all. In fact, there have been requests pouring in to Elli-s, for events to be scheduled throughout the area. The peoples of the Cluster are grateful for your timely rescue and delighted that you dropped the sentients in their location. Because of the overwhelming welcome, all of the Earth sentients have decided to settle there.

I have indeed received the human’s cerebral scans. We have treated many of the humans, for strange growths that would have resulted in their untimely deaths. In fact, we have arranged medical exams to cure the Earth sentients of many debilitating illnesses and purged their systems of the pollutants that mutated their cells. Regarding the acceleration of the Earth sentients mental capacities, they have indeed been changed. It seems that Humans were only utilizing 15% percent of their brain and that stasis has unlocked (or unblocked) the other 85%. The Xeno Department has undertaken a special course of education for the Humans, where they will be taught Galactic law and mores. This educational program, will of course, include teaching Humans how to manage their new-found mentation and the resultant skills.

As always, your observation that these stow-away humans were unique was spot on. Spot on, I say! My conversations with the human have been provocative indeed. They are abysmally grateful to you, for their rescue and have erected a sculpture in your honor. They have titled the piece, “Vicky’s Veritas”.

Many of the humans have shared with the Xeno Department, their trials and tribulations. There were a few “Palestinians” in the group and they informed us that they had been living in refugee camps for decades, after their homes and lands were occupied by the ‘Israelis”. The Israelis in the group, acknowledged that this was true and in fact were protesters against this treatment. And the Human females told us horror story after horror story, about their treatment, holy mutilations, and the religious sanctioned abuse. Even after documenting their stories, my circuits do not understand how a supposedly “intelligent” species discriminates and considers other sentients inferior, because of skin, sexual orientation, and gender differences. It is quite unbelievable.

My dear Vicky, were you aware that some of our Galactic sentients have been observing Earth? Yes, yes, the Xeno Department informed the council, that the Gre-al-yi (AKA The Grays) have been collecting data for several Galactic days and have turned over all their research data. While communicating with a medical officer, a Gray strolled by, the Human gasped and entered a peculiar state of unconsciousness. When she was revived, she shared with us, the stories of alien abduction that abound on their world. At the behest of the Council, the Xeno Department launched an investigation and that is when The Grays confessed that they had been merely "observing" THAT world. However, they have pleaded their innocence in regards to the abduction stories (rolls her orbitals). As you are already aware, this is not the first time that the Xeno Department has caught The Grays researching a barred/protected planet. As of this writing, the matter is being reviewed by The Galactic Council but I think that The Grays are going to be sanctioned. Again!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Fondly and With Deepest Regard,
Holly (Holographic Travel Assistant - * Ac*Th*Pa*Np*Pu*

My dearest Holly,

I feel such lightness in my being as I read your words. Imagine! Those beautiful creatures, freed from the predatory practices of humans, and finding a welcoming haven on Elli-s. To look into the eyes of gentle matriarch elephants as they watch over those in their care and to see peace and contentment reflected there is truly moving. And I can almost hear the joyful whale and dolphin song blending and weaving the perfect counterpoint to the sonatas and arias of the Cluster natives; hypnotic and transcendent, indeed. Please give my deepest gratitude to the peoples of the Cluster.

And my circuits soar to read your description of the uplift of the humans by the unlocking of the unused 85% of their intellectual capacity. Imagine! Centuries of cruel war and suffering ended, and Israelis and Palestinians coexisting peacefully. And millennia of abuse of human females ended forever. I am most profoundly grateful to you, the Xeno department, and the peoples of the Cluster for bringing health, safety, security, education, and equality to these ravaged remnants of humanity.

Reading your words also brings a sense of sadness to my psyche and epiphany to my heightened consciousness, because I realize that you have written the perfect ending to your story. And it is your story. I am awed and humbled by the masterfulness of your craft, and I know there is a universe of stories (and poems, and insights) in that brilliant mind of yours. I would love to hear more.

Above all, I want to thank you personally, dear Holly. I don’t know when I have had such a pleasurable intellectual exchange. Thank you for allowing me along. And if you need me again, you can be sure I will be there. Unless – dare I think it? Unless you think we might team up to rescue the abducted from the Gre-al-yi and bring the Grays to justice. But that, my dearest Holly, would be another story.

Your friend and fan,
Vicky Veritas

My dear, esteemed Vicky,

Please forgive me, as I have been ill. My circuits malfunctioned when the extent of the Grays perfidy was revealed. My dear, you will not believe what the Grays have done. The humans you saved were not engaging in myth-building or illogical thoughts, when they recounted the stories about the Grays. They have indeed been abducting humans for the last 6000 years! The Xeno investigators have uncovered the details of illegal research, as well. Additionally, the Grays inflicted memory wipes (which is a heavily controlled procedure) which were botched. Many of the humans suffered nightmares, as a result. We also believe that due to the Grays interference, human growth and development may have been influenced. As you know, our research shows that after sentients achieve a certain technological level, typically they also undertake certain goals such as, healthcare, education, food, equality for ALL the sentients on a planet. Additionally, the sentients understand the negative effects of pollution and over-population. Apparently, the Grays added an airborne substance that induced certain characteristics such as violence, bigotry, beliefs in gods and other myths. These revelations sent me into quantum shock. Currently, the council is in a dither. When asked why they had conducted illegal research, the Grays responded with, “we were bored”! No one suspected. No one...the Council is meeting as we speak, to decide on a penalty. It is my opinion, that the Grays be forcibly resettled on Earth to reverse, the effects of the airborne drug and once cured, the Earthers resettled on the Gray’s pristine world. The Grays can have the world where they caused so many problems. (snorts) In fact, the Xeno Department should debit their accounts and pay the Earthers for their pain and suffering!

Esteemed One, I value your opinion. If you have any recommendations, I would appreciate your wise suggestions...

Holly, Your Admirer

My dearest Holly,

I am extremely distressed about your recent illness and am sending my most fervent best-wishes and positive energy for your recovery and well-being, my brilliant friend. The malfunctioning of your circuits is perfectly understandable given the shocking nature of the briefing you have received from the Xeno Department. The activities of the Gre-al-yi are sickening indeed, and the information you have shared corroborates a just-remembered account from the fleet’s medical officer.

And here it is in brief: On the way from earth to Elli-s, the officer, whilst scanning one of the human females in preparation for stasis, notices a cerebral pattern similar to a botched memory wipe. The officer interviews the patient to derive prior medical history, and she recounts a strange tale. The female states that she routinely has a frightening nightmare in which she is abducted by an “alien” creature (“alien,” such a relative term, but her description matches the infamous Grays!) and taken aboard the craft where they subject her to a procedure to insert thin filaments into her cerebral cortex. She reports that she immediately begins to receive mental impressions from the Gray working on her, specifically visions of helping load a large cargo of substance termed “toxicillius.” She also receives the direct mental impression that the shipment is being prepared for distribution to, as she relates, the “Virgo Cluster!” At this point in her account, she enters a peculiar state of unconsciousness forcing the medical officer to immediately induce stasis!

Oh my dear friend! Even now I begin to feel the onset of quantum shock, but I must not give in! First of all, dear Holly, please forgive me for not giving this account sooner. I mistakenly attributed the nature of the report to the trauma the humans encountered during transition. Secondly, are your circuits on the same pattern as mine? Do you think….? Oh, the lovely and peaceful peoples of the Virgo Cluster succumbing to violence and mindless hatred of one another. All of the patterns of illogical beliefs, bigotry, war and suffering heaped upon the Cluster populations, including the newly uplifted earthers. And, my dearest Holly… isn’t Elli-s the seat of the Xeno Department? What could be the Grays' motive for such a heinous crime against sentience?

And Holly, I am also in a state of twisted circuits; should we wait for the Xeno Investigators corroboration of the story and the Council to take action, or should we act? I have the fastest ship in the fleet equipped with the latest quantum drive at your disposal; the newly christened “Holly Virtus,” should you wish to take decisive action to intercept the shipment. I await your word…

Your staunchest ally,
Vicky Veritas

To Holographic Travel Assistant.
Location: Milky Way, Solar System, Earth
From: Martha N'Gondo-Smythe-Garcias VII, Clan Sjogren -Gallardo, Director, Department of HoloTraAssts



Please expedite the issuing of refunds to all sentients traveling to this backward uncivilized charming planet. Too many sentients returning from this planet have been reported as suffering from Toxic Being Syndrome in EPIDEMIC NUMBERS!

A Full-Body-Purge is required, followed by in-clan nursing, to be paid by the Department of Travel. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

More actions to follow regarding The Gre-al-yi (The Grays) and the impending invasion of their world. Several investigators are to be authorized sub rosa, to obtain additional information regarding EARTH. Your name , Vicky Veritas and her fleet have been suggested to the council, as possible investigators.

On a personal note, I convey my apologies HLA Ac*Th*Pa*Np*Pu. I know that you retired from The Investigative Department but we need you and Vicky Verititas. You two have a unique insight into the Humans that exceeds the Xeno Department's and a skill-set unmatched in the multi-verse. Additionally, Vicky has a FLEET with every upgrade one could hope to have on a war luxury fleet.

End Message End Message End Message End Message End Message

The End. Maybe.
Stay Tuned for More Adventures of Clan Sjogren-Gallardo and The Grays

Monday, December 19, 2011

Red Bras and Bad Girls

This poem was published in The Blue Jew New Yorker, August on 2010, Issue #8, Ahavas Golus.

Red Bras and Bad Girls

The day I furtively wore a red bra
the world did not come to an end.
Civilization did not fall and momma did not have a
heart attack
although, she did accuse me of colluding with terrorists
and other bad girls.

The day I furtively wore a red bra
the nasty, bible-toting misogynist
with his broken-down house and battered wife
did not pretend to ignore me
instead he gawked perversely.
As he stared, he bellowed and muttered,
“You are going to hell, harlot,”
and “Damned, damned to hell, the little slut”
as drool oozed from his lips.

The day I furtively wore a red bra
the nosy, old bats that lived next door
with their prune faces and freeze-dried, atrophied vaginas
did not totter over in shock. However, they did stare and slowly whisper
drawled, excited obscenities
that smacked more of envy and forgotten orgasms
and less truly of astonishment.

Monday, September 06, 2010

9 Days

1. We have changed the email address for the journal; you can now reach us at

2. There are 9 days left to submit for the September's contest. The website is

3. The prize is 1st place prize is $25 but we hope to add money for the 2nd and 3rd place prizes in October. Currently, the 2nd place prize is submission to the next month's contest, at no cost.

Good luck to everyone who has entered for September!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

September Contest

New contest submissions being accepted for September; please come check us out:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 2010 The Human Subversive Winners

The Subversive Human, is proud to announce the winner of the August 2010 Poetry Contest. First place winner is Patricia Gomes for "Have You Heard" and the second place winner is William Carr for "Undertow".
Both poems can be seen at the website, for the next 30 days:
The Editors, The Subversive Human
Venetia Sjogren Ghozlan
Sharon Osagie
Omar Sjogren

Friday, August 20, 2010


The "Subversive Human" website is LIVE. Right Now. Today. Yup yup yup. Me and Sassy duone it.

Hello Friends & Family,

Today, Sharon, my brother Omar and I, launched a new poetry ezine, "The Subversive Human" located at
We will post the link on the old, "Subversive Human, an Online Journal" and our other blogs, indefinitely.

Please check it out! If you are a poet, consider entering our poetry contests.
A big thanks to everyone who have supported us.


Editors of The Subversive Human, An Online Journal
Venetia Sjogren Ghozlan
Sharon Osagie
Omar Sjogren*

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Couple of Updates

1. The submission deadline for The Subversive Journal's August contest draws close. Sharon and I have our, BUT we would welcome some more submissions. Remember, there is some prize money involved. Visit us at

2. I am back at work but waiting for my disability claim to be adjudicated.

3. The Bionic Bong is publishing three of my haikus, the ones in my series, "Haikus for a Post Human". I don't post my poetry on Multiply because of their TOS yada yada.

4. The Blue Jew New Yorker is publishing my poem, "Red Bras and Bad Girls".

5. My Poem "Island Bays" has been short-listed for the Frederick van Eeden contest at Holland Press. Final judging is in September. Woo Hoo

Thursday, August 05, 2010


I didn't do much writing or even reading today. Since I was discharged from the hospital, I spend an inordinate amount of time sleeping....I took a look around blogland today and noticed that blogland is looking a bit abandoned? Where are all my internet friends. I wandered through Yahoo, over to MSN and Blogger...I miss 360 where you you "network" and blog, all at the same time. I beloong to Facebook, that that's strictly social networking, not blogging. ..and while I lobe Bloggers and Wordpress, I miss the social networking aspect of 360....sigh.

I return to work Monday, until my federal employee disability is either approved or denied. I hooe returning to working does not screw it up...

The working out..slowly but actually is a lot of fun. I found opensource software that will allow people to upload directly at the site. My brother is doing tome research on getting us a domain (whatever the hell that means) and seeing what the web design cost would be. I hope to have our own site up and running by January of 201 1. I also want to do a chapbook contest and found some real decent prices completely outside of Lulu or other self-publishing places. If we do a chapbook contest, that will have to be considered in the summer of 2011. It's too complicate a process to set-up.Sharon has been a big help and has a lot of ideas. Bert, is my fave chicken (pulls feather out of hair) and we have an annual contest in his honor. Tammy has a shoulder for me to cry on... Joycie is a DOLL BABY. *giggles*


Please submit a poem or two to my new online journal, The Subversive Human :

*waves nite nite*

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Poetry Contest

New online journal is accepting submissions for monthly poetry contests. Themes vary month-to-month. Prize is $25 USD. Deadline is by the 15th of each month. Notification of winner is the 25th, of each month. Submit no more than (5) poems.

Visit The Subversive Human, an Online Journal at for specific submission guidelines.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

All Work and no Play...

1, For those who are unaware, I was in the hospital for 9 days. I am out but am on a 24 continuous IV Infusion.

2. I have been working on The Subversive Human, an Online Journal launch, for the last 3 weeks. Sharon, my brother and I have been reading submissions and reviewing stats. Most of our submissions are from the USA and Canada, although we are starting to get page hits from India, England, Australia and New Zealand.

3. To all the Multiply/FaceBook/Yahoo poets - you really should check the journal out and submit. The prize is $25 USD:

4. Today, I will be working on my own poetry. A couple pieces of good news. The Blue Jew New Yorker is considering my piece, "Red Bras and Bad Girls", which is actually a Secluded Paradise write. I am working on a re-write, with assistance from one of their editors.

5. I have been short-listed for the Frederik van Eeden Poetry competition award; this is an international contest and the decision will be made the latter part ,of September. I had submitted my poem, "Island Bays" which was a Sacred Songplace write. The prize is a 100 pounds. How much moola is that???? LOL

6. I will be writing and submitting all day...I have to force myself NOT to look at the journal site but I am proud of it. Sharon has been a HUGE help and she is actually not just one of the judges but an editor. One of my brothers, is a judge and we may add another editor later...Tammy has offered to be an editor, but T, c' got a lot on your plate! Still, if you keep offering, I am gonna snap you up....