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Thursday, August 05, 2010


I didn't do much writing or even reading today. Since I was discharged from the hospital, I spend an inordinate amount of time sleeping....I took a look around blogland today and noticed that blogland is looking a bit abandoned? Where are all my internet friends. I wandered through Yahoo, over to MSN and Blogger...I miss 360 where you you "network" and blog, all at the same time. I beloong to Facebook, that that's strictly social networking, not blogging. ..and while I lobe Bloggers and Wordpress, I miss the social networking aspect of 360....sigh.

I return to work Monday, until my federal employee disability is either approved or denied. I hooe returning to working does not screw it up...

The working out..slowly but actually is a lot of fun. I found opensource software that will allow people to upload directly at the site. My brother is doing tome research on getting us a domain (whatever the hell that means) and seeing what the web design cost would be. I hope to have our own site up and running by January of 201 1. I also want to do a chapbook contest and found some real decent prices completely outside of Lulu or other self-publishing places. If we do a chapbook contest, that will have to be considered in the summer of 2011. It's too complicate a process to set-up.Sharon has been a big help and has a lot of ideas. Bert, is my fave chicken (pulls feather out of hair) and we have an annual contest in his honor. Tammy has a shoulder for me to cry on... Joycie is a DOLL BABY. *giggles*


Please submit a poem or two to my new online journal, The Subversive Human :

*waves nite nite*

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