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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Couple of Updates

1. The submission deadline for The Subversive Journal's August contest draws close. Sharon and I have our, BUT we would welcome some more submissions. Remember, there is some prize money involved. Visit us at

2. I am back at work but waiting for my disability claim to be adjudicated.

3. The Bionic Bong is publishing three of my haikus, the ones in my series, "Haikus for a Post Human". I don't post my poetry on Multiply because of their TOS yada yada.

4. The Blue Jew New Yorker is publishing my poem, "Red Bras and Bad Girls".

5. My Poem "Island Bays" has been short-listed for the Frederick van Eeden contest at Holland Press. Final judging is in September. Woo Hoo

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