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Thursday, July 29, 2010

All Work and no Play...

1, For those who are unaware, I was in the hospital for 9 days. I am out but am on a 24 continuous IV Infusion.

2. I have been working on The Subversive Human, an Online Journal launch, for the last 3 weeks. Sharon, my brother and I have been reading submissions and reviewing stats. Most of our submissions are from the USA and Canada, although we are starting to get page hits from India, England, Australia and New Zealand.

3. To all the Multiply/FaceBook/Yahoo poets - you really should check the journal out and submit. The prize is $25 USD:

4. Today, I will be working on my own poetry. A couple pieces of good news. The Blue Jew New Yorker is considering my piece, "Red Bras and Bad Girls", which is actually a Secluded Paradise write. I am working on a re-write, with assistance from one of their editors.

5. I have been short-listed for the Frederik van Eeden Poetry competition award; this is an international contest and the decision will be made the latter part ,of September. I had submitted my poem, "Island Bays" which was a Sacred Songplace write. The prize is a 100 pounds. How much moola is that???? LOL

6. I will be writing and submitting all day...I have to force myself NOT to look at the journal site but I am proud of it. Sharon has been a HUGE help and she is actually not just one of the judges but an editor. One of my brothers, is a judge and we may add another editor later...Tammy has offered to be an editor, but T, c' got a lot on your plate! Still, if you keep offering, I am gonna snap you up....

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