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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Too Little, Too Late

I want to be Desdemona, Cassandra, or maybe Nadezhda
fully of tragedy, misunderstandings, prophecy and grand passions
feel the rage of desires denied
because of mythos, bigotry and society
or simple indifference
write long paeans and odes
to my mystery lover
dirges and requiems to family and the gods
bemoaning fate
walk across pounding windswept surfs
contemplating unrequited dreams of orgasmic relief
yes, I want to grow morose over love misunderstood
catastrophically deferred or dashed
vying with Homer and Cervantes
de la Barca and Pucchini
both opera buffa and opera seria
a Janus faced comedy and tragedy
and when the curtain falls
lie beautifully arranged in state
while he declaims draped artfully across my coffin
I love her still

Note: Originally published June 2007 by The Farmhouse Magazine - Art for the Open Source Generation 

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