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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pillars of Salt

I defy
biological and sociological
obligate imperatives
casting my lot
to the winds
freeing my ka
of all
preordained, preconceived and predestined
fleeing this crowding and confusing
realm of castrations and obfuscations
I escape
the grasping, greedy hands
seeking an alternative path
by family and friends
politics and agendas
their expectations
and obstructions
in this ambiguous, ambitious world
where the golden flaxen lie
is spun into truth
and transformed
into facts on the ground
where truth exists
but is relative to desire
and the needs of the few
complex enough to confuse even Lot
where we are all
subsequently and consequently
compelled and sacrificed
to become pillars of salt
invoking cries
of Carthage, 200 oily, silver talents
and subordinance to the new Rome
whom I remain determined
to defy.

Note: Originally published July 2007 by Language and Arts

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