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partially autobiographical, sometimes biographical, hopefully creatively crafted

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reflections of a Hopscotcher

we walk home after the day's activities
skirting the broken rubble that litters the cracked pavement
debris of broken adults
and their broken dreams
my little daughter ignores the decrepit surroundings
bombed structures, shattered glass and abandoned vehicles

playing hopscotch
along the way
splashing in the puddles
she nimbly tosses her pebble against the chalked sidewalk
kangaroos uni-legged
one, two, three
to her destination

small children are not given to reflections
learning to take much in stride
the daily monotony of life
amidst horrors, joys
and random bombs
part of the fabric of life, death
more concerned with warm bellies
loving parents, families and friends
small happy dogs licking their faces
giggling late at night under the covers
until they grow up

or reality, policians and slogans intrudes

Note: Originally published Mar 2007 by The Amistad, Howard Univ. 

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