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partially autobiographical, sometimes biographical, hopefully creatively crafted

Saturday, January 16, 2010


how can i think of eternity?
when i am consumed by the minutia of today
from dawn to dusk
i labor over hearth and home
desk and computer
i must be all things to all people
child, mother, father
friend, lover and worker bee

at times, in stolen moments
and interrupted breaths
my thoughts veer inward
i sit in wonder, gazing out my window
at the clouds that sail across the skies
recalling when i was young

before when i was immature and untried
i yearned to fly
i yearned to ponder
all the great questions
my thoughts were festooned
of seeking holy grails and silver linings
rushing and straining to hurry the march of time

sitting here grayed and bent
eyes lined and wiser
tempered and tried by the fire
i realize there are varied answers
so many paths and trails
to all my unanswered questions
i do touch immortality
in the sweet brow of my sleeping grandbabe
infinity in the afterglow of my love’s arms
perpetuity in the warm smiles of treasured friends
what need have i of silly, immature dreams

Originally published Jan 2007 by New Jersey Works

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