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Monday, March 22, 2010

In America Today

Health care reform passed. I have a few problems in the methodology.

1. I saw an idiot president ram an invasion down my throat (Iraq) when so-called facts were presented.

2. It does not answer the question on illegal aliens and healthcare. Or aliens who satisfy the five year residency rule and become eligible for SSI and Medicare.

HOWEVER, I am glad that we have a bill.

How to pay for it?

Stop paying trillions to invade other countries.

Sop giving services to aliens. I firmly believe that if someone immigrates and decides to bring their uncles, parents, cousins etc here, let them be responsible for THEIR healthcare, education, housing, food etc. Trust me, that would help pay for healthcare.

We give away millions to folks who are not citizens. We give the food stamps. We give them Medicare. Start telling them that the cookie jar is empty. I have seen too many seniors tell me that they cannot afford their Medicare premiums. That burns me up when a Russian on SSI calls me up and I see that they get FREE Medicare. Piss on 'em.

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