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Friday, February 26, 2010

Secluded Paradise

Ok, I think everyone knows that I have my drawers in lather over Multiply's TOS (am I mixing metaphors?) and have been posting on Blogger. The other site which is my new social networking creative home is,, hosted by my friend Sharon. If you like poetry, then you oughta visit...really, if you hope to ever publish, don't post it on Multiply since they seem to hijacked first publication rights in any event, I use my Secluded Paradise page primarily to post new poetry/short story contests but I participate in the poetry challenges. And I have to tell you, Secluded has been good for generating new poetry in me! Just when I think that I have nothing to write, Secluded throws me a challenge that inspires a new poem or a short story.

More news:

I was recently discharged from the hospital or what I consider my quarterly vacation...I am in morphine, puts a sheen on life...even bird no fear, I return to work Monday, thus I will be ejected from heaven

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