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Friday, February 05, 2010

Newly Published

Hello Everyone,

Just a few tidbits:

1. Three poems have been selected to be published by Wordgathering, ""A Hostile Take-over" and "Morning Worship" in the March 2010 issue and "Tears of a...." in the June 2010 issue. The poem btw was originally posted on Multiply as "Pariah". The editor suggested that I change the title.

Because of the TOS bullshit on Multiply, I won't post the poetry here. Because of Wordgathering's submission guidelines, AFTER they are published, I will post them on my Blogger's blog.

2. I LOVE Secluded Paradise on YUKU. I'm not a member but I do have a page at Secluded Paradise. I think that you have to be invited BUT you can set-up a page there. ...Don't ask me how, wander about my contact list on Multiply and send Sassy a pm regarding the how to do it etc...

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